Affordable SEO Services for Small Business


Advertising on television, radio, and social media does work and will remain relevant for a long time. However, you can often get a better return on investment if you put your money into search engine optimization instead of advertising.

If you advertise on Google, you have to pay every time someone clicks on your link. With search engine optimization, clicks are free. A well-optimized website will quickly reach the top of the google search results for many search keywords. Spending money on optimizing your site for search engines will get you more traffic than spending money on ads. Both online and offline advertising is secondary to search engine optimization.

Affordable SEO Services for Small Business

SEO does not have to cost a fortune. For a small business, it is an affordable but underused strategy. Less than half of small businesses even use SEO. Therefore, our affordable SEO services for small business is an easy way to have an advantage over your affordable seo for your business

Benefits of SEO

When people are looking for a local product or service, they search online. If your business is at the top of the search results, they will click on your website. Hardly anyone clicks on results at the bottom of the first page or on the second page. You have to be at, or at the very least, near the top. If your business is not even in the top three results, you will get almost no traffic.

Thankfully, there is a good chance that your competitors do not use SEO at all. Therefore, you will not have to spend a lot of money on SEO that beats your competitors’ SEO. Most small businesses do not yet use SEO at all.

Organic SEO

If you want google to list your website on their search engine at all, you have to play fair. Using unfair “Black hat SEO” techniques to get your website to the top of the search rankings will result in google no longer listing your site. It will no longer be possible to find your site on a search engine. Google insists that you do search engine optimization fairly and squarely.seo services for small business

Organic (or white hat) SEO is the opposite of black hat SEO. Organic SEO involves creating genuinely useful content for people to read. Organic SEO does not involve cheap tricks such as text stuffed with as many keywords as possible. If google finds unreadable articles stuffed with keywords, they will make the website unsearchable. At Jet Rank Agency, we only do purely white hat SEO that google will never take offense to.

How Organic SEO Works

Organic SEO works by creating genuinely relevant content. A genuinely relevant website can stay at the top of the google search results for years. If someone searches for a phrase, google wants one of the first few results to be relevant to the user. If the results were to become less relevant, people would stop using google and switch to another search engine. Search engines have to compete with each other by putting the best results for each search phrase at the top of the first page.

On Page SEO

“On-page SEO” is any way in which you can modify a website to make it more visible to search engines. One might improve the text description that google’s algorithms look at. One might also add text tags to images to make the website easier to find. Google’s algorithm changes all the time, so we have to keep up with the newest information about what makes a website more visible to search engines.affordable seo services for your business

Off Page SEO

One can also raise a website’s search ranking without working on the website. For example, you might use social media pages to drive traffic to the site. Or, you might build links to the website to make it more popular and thus more visible.


Backlinks are one of the best ways of making a site more visible on Google and other search engines. Backlinks are links to a webpage. Not all links are of equal value. Frequently used links from frequently visited and relevant websites can push a page to the top of the rankings.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO makes it easy for Google to find your website and automatically add it to their index. Technical SEO is not about the content. Writing new pages of text for your website is not technical SEO. Instead, technical SEO involves things like making your website load faster (very important as Google will rank a site higher if it loads more quickly) and making your website mobile-friendly (much of the internet is not).

Google My Business (Google Maps) SEO

Another way that we can improve your website’s ranking is by using google my business to drive traffic to your site. Google my business is the sidebar that shows a business’s location and contact information when someone googles it. We can edit how your business shows up on google maps, the picture that Google my business displays, and your opening hours and contact information. A better image and more accurate information will drive traffic to your website.affordable seo company for your website

How Local SEO Works

Local SEO aims to make a website search higher for local keywords. For example, if someone googles “Roofer New York,” then they are looking for roofing companies in a specific city that the google algorithms will identify. The website of a roofing company should be optimized to rank highly for local search keywords. Making a website rank at the top for a general keyword is difficult. It is much easier for local keywords, especially because so much of your competition doesn’t even bother with SEO and because there are fewer businesses to compete with for local keywords. If your business is in a large city, SEO can be more difficult as there may be more competition.


NAPW stands for name, address, phone, and website. If your company’s name, address, phone number, and website address is the same all over the internet, that is good for your SEO. If, however, different phone numbers are used, or different addresses appear on different web pages, it will hurt your SEO.

Google Map Embeds and Mentionsseo website marketing company

A page on your website should show your exact location on google maps. We can embed a google map into your site to help customers easily find directions to it. We can customize your map and add more than one location and notes. Embedding a map can improve your search engine rank as well as making your business easier to find.

Image Geotagging

All image files that appear on the internet contain text information about them. This information is used in search engine optimization. Geotagging is attaching information about where a picture was taken to the image file. When a picture is taken with a smartphone, it is often automatically geotagged. If it is not, one can add this information to the image file later.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are internal links of any use, or do only external links help SEO?

Internal links also matter. Building a lot of internal links from one page on your site to another is perfectly legitimate and does not go in the direction of black hat SEO. External links (other websites linking to you) are even better, but there is nothing wrong with internal linking.

What is robots.txt?affordable optimization cheap

Robots.txt is a text file found on a web page that instructs Google and other search engines on how to crawl it. A site’s robots.txt might, for example, tell Google to ignore it and not list this page on its search engine. A website owner might not want some of their pages appearing on search engines for many reasons.

What is domain authority?

Domain authority is how relevant an entire website that may contain many pages is to google and other search engines. Link authority or link equity is a measure of the quality of a link. Domain authority is a measure of an entire domain that may have many pages. The higher the domain authority is, the easier the pages are to find on search engines.

How Much Does SEO Cost

SEO in 2020 costs very roughly $500 to $2000 per month. It can cost anywhere from less than $5000 to more than $30000 to rank a website at the top of google searches for many keywords. Local searches are cheaper to rank than general searches that do not consider the location.

sell product through affordable seo How long does it take to reach the first page

It can easily take weeks or months to reach the first result. Merely reaching the first page is not good enough, as hardly anyone clicks on anything beyond the first three results. More than half of all clicks go to the first result. It takes time for google to “change its mind” about which site is the most relevant. If you need traffic driven to your site immediately, advertising is a better idea.

Nonetheless, it is search engine optimization, and not advertising, that has the best return on investment. A well-optimized website that gets lots of traffic will remain in first place for years with little work. Advertising, whether online or not, requires you to keep sinking money into it. Search engine optimization often, depending on who you are competing with, allows you to continue to receive free traffic for years without spending any more money.

Ready to get started?

At Jet Rank Agency, we only use the best white hat SEO techniques. We do not risk doing anything that might cause Google to blacklist your website. We focus on SEO for smaller businesses, local brick-and-mortar businesses, and eCommerce stores. We have an excellent reputation and can help you sell products online or sell products and services offline. We will learn about your competitors and how to outrank them. We will tailor your strategy specifically to your business and your area.