Business Tips from local San Diego Business Owners

We’ve interviewed 5 business owners to figure out what are the most valuable tips for new business owners . When you start you business there are a lot of “Why’s”, “Where’s”, “What’s”. Why I can’t do this? Where can i find time to do everything I planed? What next? For this exact reasons we’ve decided to make your life easier.

Tip #1. Stay focus on your “why”

There are a lot of distractions. That’s a fact. But make sure your focused and concentrated on one idea-goal. Have you ever seen a cat that plays  first with a ball then if you give him something else, he would take all his attention away from the old subject. Honestly, we a little bit like cats.  We know what HAS TO be done, but there are so many shine objects always surrounded by us that we can’t stand for without getting destructed. Say “NO” to shine objects. Make sure you know “why” are you doing what you’re doing? What is the big “WHY” behind ? Are you doing it for yourself or maybe for your family or maybe because you are stubborn ? No matter what it is make sure you know the big reason why you are building your business.

By waking up every morning repeat it for yourself. It would make you more energized and fulfill with positive. This big “why” will keep you mind on point and your thoughts organized.

Tip #2. Be sure that you truthfully love what you do

Believe me it will be a time I would say a hard time to keep it up. The client might get you upset, the distributor didn’t bring the right parts etc. Thus, when you go to bad and wake up the next day you still would want to be at the peace with your mind and emotions and never-never bring negativity to your business. Afterward always remind yourself you big why and will drive you every day.

Tip #3. If you do your business today the same way you did it yesterday, you will not be in business tomorrow.

Terrifying, isn’t it?

Try to visit business- owners meetups, go to classes, keep growing. You, as a business owner should be aware what’s new going on in you industry. Be the one that people “hearing things from”.

Tip #4, Don’t sell, try to acknowledge and educate.

Human Beings are smart. I’m pretty sure that each of us felt at least once that we’re getting “sold” or somebody trying to “upsale up”. I always been a super transparent person and tried to speak up as soon as I “saw” those salespeople. However, it extremely important to become a friend of your customer by building enormous trust. Be patrician. When your friend trust you they don’t question you at any points. If you earn a client’s trust, they will be yours forever and THAT is lifetime value!

By JetRank a San Diego SEO Agency