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How to Explain What is SEO?

There are certain businesses who thinks that online marketing is not important and it does not work. Let me give an example from my own experience. I got acquaintance with some acupuncture (Jack) – local business owner here in San Diego. We started chating and you know how it usually goes, specially if you’re both business owners, word by word and you are the best friends. For sure I can say that this time my acupuncture session went way over regular 45 minutes. It took me longer to explain what our company does and why it’s important for any business.

We started with basically meaning of SEO which is stands for Search Engine Optimization. Importance for SEO comes along with “Can your potential client find you on Google? “. Your next question probably would be the same as Jack’s :’Why it is important for me and how can I profit from that?” Well, let’s start with if you decided to find best acupuncture in San Diego you’d probably go to Google and ask. Right? And why would you do that? Because you trust the quality information and quality content you’ve been provided. True. And if you, like a Google consumer, noticed that 90% of the time you stay on the first page of Google. Most times you find the needed information and if the website build in a right way, with a great information, and useful “call to action” you most likely will be converted.

That’s all normal and natural process of any business. As the matter of fact the studies shown that 92% of Google visitors stays on the first page. So what if I’m going to tell you that all visitor,  (for search terms “acupuncture San Diego ” is 1,000 per month) could go to your website and potentially buy your service. That’s sounds crazy but it’s true. Of course, we can count the conversion rate of the website and the conversion rate you, like a business owner. That’s only one example of the search(keyword) that acupuncture business could rank for. We are not focusing on only one keyword search, usually we are trying to target 200 search terms and consistently working on optimizing those so eventually they reach first page of Google. There are so many varieties and possibilities of the keyword that could be targeted that you can’t even imagine. After then Jack at least had an idea of how important online marketing nowadays. Due to computes and the Internet in our life the every day search become unenviably useful part that we are facing every day.

Jack realized that and after smoking a cigarette fall into deep thoughts about our conversation.. Every part on online marketing could be incredibly profitable if the person who’s responsible for marketing knows how to use all those tools in a right way.

Have a great day, folks