7 Best Plumber Advertising Ideas for 2022

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With quite an economic industry, plumbing advertising produces ads for residential or commercial plumbing products or services.

Promoting your plumbing company online can help your business showcase from competitors and earn more sales, calls, and appointments. But how will you get started with plumber advertising and try to make the most out of it?

Keep reading to learn more ideas about advertising your plumbing business for companies in your niche and industry. If you need some help with using plumber digital advertising, give us a ring or contact us online to help you generate more revenue and plumbing leads.

7 Plumber Advertising Strategies

1. SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Ideally, when users are searching for the best plumbing businesses, they explore Google. This is done to find your business efficiently and if you want your site to appear on the first page of search results.

Plumber SEO helps increase your rankings in search results for phrases and keywords related to your plumbing business. Therefore, it’s vital to rank higher on the search results as 75% of searchers don’t go after that page.

So, choosing the right keywords can help you use SEO as a plumbing advertising idea.

First, start off using keyword research to determine the phrases users search online to locate your business. Then, you can include those keywords in relevant places on your websites, such as in your title tags, body copy, and headings.

One best method is to use long-tail keywords as compared to short-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords contain more than 3 words that can help you bring more qualified leads. Whereas short tail keywords, like ‘plumbers,’ are highly generic and competitive.

2. Bring Your Focus On Local SEO

As a plumber, you will most probably tailor to a specific area. When you use SEO, make sure your website appears in the search results of consumers who can essentially use your services.

If you type in your phrases or keywords and find that Google listings take over the first page of results, it’s best to use local SEO.

To begin, you can sign up for your listing using Google My Business – a free service for your plumber advertising business.

This type of listing provides hours of operation, contact information, reviews, and photos of your business. Creating and filling details on such listings is essential as it might be the first thing potential consumers see online.

You can also add content along with photos to this listing. If you have a blog, infographics, or videos, this is a perfect place to link to them.

Similarly, the reviews section is also crucial. This provides your business an opportunity to interact with your customers

3. PPC – Pay-Per-Click

PPC is another technique that your plumbing business can utilize. These are paid ads that appear high at the search engine results, just above organic listings.

This method is based on a bidding system. You can select keywords you want to trigger your ads to and set a maximum bid. If your set bid is highest, your advertisement will appear at the top of search engine results.

The best thing about PPC advertising is to choose your budget. Just set your max bid, and you will never have to worry about incurring extra costs.

Another great perk is you don’t have to wait for results. Since SEO takes time, you can start earning traffic from your PPC ads and campaigns as soon as your advertisements go live. This is a superb method to use while working on increasing your website’s rankings with organic SEO.

In addition to using traditional PPC ads, you can also make use of Google Local Services ads. These ads are specially offered to service providers that operate locally, such as contractors, plumbers, and electricians.

This plumber advertising idea is an ideal investment as it allows you to reach users who are most likely to become consumers. In general, PPC visitors are 50% more expected to buy than organic visitors.

4. Plumber Advertising Through Email Marketing

Email marketing is the best option to personally reach your target consumers that are interested in your business. It can be a productive and efficient method for developing relationships that inspire people to buy from your store.

First, ask people to sign up on your email list just like including an email sign-up bar in the header/footer of your website or use pop-up email sign-ups. These are the best ways to add opportunities for people that are interested in your product and services.

It is best to avoid purchasing an email list or emailing users without their permission. These won’t be valuable and beneficial leads for your business.

By signing up on the email sign-ups, you encourage users to enter their email addresses to receive a special offer or coupon. This will help you to invite them to join your email list! Happy!

Once you receive their email addresses, you can start promoting your plumber advertising strategy.

5. Social Media Advertising

An engagement using social media is an effective method to reach your target audience. Don’t worry if you don’t have a social media account; it isn’t too late to begin.

Some of the favored social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. It’s best to figure out the platforms that suit best with your business needs. You can do this perfectly by analyzing the media used by your target market.

Social media networking allows you to connect with your potential customers to share content, address concerns, and answer questions. Hence a great way to reach out to your consumers.

You can also direct people to your website and get them interested in your product and services. This is an outstanding opportunity to connect with your potential customers and target market.

Various social media platforms also offer an opportunity to create paid ads. Similar to PPC ads, you can also create Facebook advertisements. Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter each offer their own set of advertising services.

Through the use of these networking platforms, you can attract relevant traffic to your business’ site.

6. Google Ads

Google Ads (previously Google AdWords) is still a productive method to advertise your plumbing business. It can be costly and requires expertise. Therefore, some marketers have grown frustrated with it as a platform.

Still, effectively targeted ad campaigns focusing on budgeting, ROI, and demographics can help plumbers earn big using Google Ads.

Depending on the target city for plumbing jobs, Google Ads might be less costly than you think. In any of the cases, we recommend you hire a Google Ads certified manager.

7. Take a close look at your plumbing website

Nothing provides better promotion than your very own plumbing website. Website designing is essential for personalization and conversion since campaigns or ads don’t end till a user converts into a consumer.

Several design elements can close the business deals on plumbing companies from a clean codebase and CTA (calls to action). Web designing also links with SEO to generate more revenue and leads, making it even more compelling from an advertising viewpoint.

The best trick is to keep your plumbing site clean and simple so that emergency call-in consumers can find the required information quickly. Listed below are some of the vital elements of a plumbing website that converts into productive leads:

  • A professional logo and name.
  • Unique selling points.
  • The locations you work for.
  • Your contact number.
  • An approachable way to request work.
  • List of products or services provided.
  • Accreditations and awards.
  • Photos and/or reviews to assure your work.

One great example of a plumbing website is “John the Plumber” from Ottawa, Canada. As soon as a user lands on the webpage, they can see the services offered, in which cities, and why they should consider John the Plumber.

If you never got a chance to create a website before, don’t worry. There are many accessible and affordable tools to create websites, such as WordPress or Wix for website creation and Canva or Looka for professional logo designing.

Generate Leads with Plumber Advertising Ideas

As an owner of a plumbing business, it’s stressful to manage all aspects of your industry. Advertising is somewhat that is often neglected as it requires effort and time. You might be already busy putting that effort and time into your business to help your customers.

At JetRank, we can help you build effective advertising campaigns to focus on growing your business and nurturing leads. As a full-service company, we offer SEO services, social media marketing, PPC campaign management, etc., to fit your business needs.

We have 330+ active clients, and they love the work we do as we create unique plans for each of their businesses. You won’t get cookie-cutter-style plans!

With our affordable and transparent pricing, you will never be in doubt about our pricing plan. At JetRank, we provide you with all the relevant pricing and information for our services to make your business’s correct decision.

If you’re ready to start your plumbing business with digital advertising, speak with a strategist or give us a call us today. Or, contact us online to bid for a free proposal!

Looking forward to work with you!

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